Obama’s Social Engineering Agenda

President Obama recently laid out his plans for the rest of his term with a speech that highlighted what he sees as the greatest challenge facing the United States: “Income Inequality.”

“I believe this is the defining challenge of our time,” Obama said in a speech at an event hosted by the Center for American Progress, a pro-Obama think tank. “It drives everything I do in this office.”

The growing gap between rich and poor can be closed by actions ranging from an increase in the minimum wage to better education to following through on his health care plan, Obama said. 

What he is really saying is that economic policies have failed miserably and that he needs a “stimulus” to help artificially recreate the middle class that he and his Democrat colleagues help to destroy. He calls for increased minimum wages, stronger unions and these so called “promise zones” that will pour federal (borrowed) dollars into neighborhoods he deems fit. Obviously Republican districts need not apply!

This all just once again big government democrats spending money that we don’t have to fix a problem that can actually only be fixed by NOT borrowing and spending more money! It is also a concept that smacks of socialism and its tenets of “wealth redistribution.” He wants to artificially recreate a middle class in this country without the normal inconveniences to its citizens like hard work, ambition and ingenuity. That is social engineering any way you slice it. Look at how well that worked in places like the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea!

He added: “While Democratic-Republican and liberal-conservative disputes about the economy won’t be resolved any time soon, Obama said that “it is important that we have a serious debate about the issues.”

As we have experienced so many times before with this President, that is code for “My way or the highway!”

It is clear that President Obama’s plan is to reduce “Income Inequality” by knocking a group down rather than creating an economy where others can work their way to success. All that this accomplishes is punishing the innovators, risk takers and the actual engine that drives the economy.  Actually that is only half. What it also does is create a class of citizens who are dependent on government assistance rather than true economic power. And that is truly scary!!

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Cold War v. 2.0

Let’s see. What has happened in the last week or so. President Obama and his Defense Secretary announced that they would be cutting back the size of America’s military to the lowest levels since World War II. The Government in the Ukraine fell and its leader disappeared to Russia. Russia then decided to mobilize troops near the Ukraine border for a “planned exercise”.

Meanwhile, Russia continues to send arms to prop up the terrorist regime in Syria while thousands of Syrians are being slaughtered. Meanwhile, we have lost an ally in Egypt and basically turned our back on our great friend Israel. Iran continues to build its nuclear weapons program, Afghanistan can’t wait to get rid of us and Iraq looks worse than when we went there. North Korea continues to thumb its nose at the world with its nuclear program and the Libyans attacked our embassy in Benghazi with no reprisals.

What is this setting up to be? That’s right a new Cold War. President Obama has created a Carteresque weakness strategy for America creating a void for Putin to exploit.

We need a Reagan strategy of Peace Through Strength, not what President Obama is doing.

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It’s Déjà vu….All Over Again!

Here we go again! Democrats and President Obama are attempting to extend long-term “emergency” jobless benefits, again. They first did this in 2008 with the stipulation that it was a one-time deal and that as soon as unemployment dropped to a certain level, these costly benefits would cease. Then they extended them again in 2009, and 2010, and 2011, and 2012, and did so again in 2013.

This costs real money! It is estimated that if these benefits are extended again it will cost U. S. taxpayers upwards of $6 billion. And how will it be paid for? One proposal seems to be increasing taxes on employers as was done in 2008 and never rescinded. Think about it. They raise the cost of hiring new employees onto employers because people are unemployed. Talk about a disincentive for those companies that make actually help solve the problem! But this has been President Obama’s, Harry Reid’s and Nancy Pelosi’s mantra all along. Wealth redistribution!

Be careful of another common ploy used by the democrats over the years. That is when they say they will pay for some spending (see pork barrel) program with offsetting cuts in future years. The program gets passed and as the time comes to pay, it is deferred or legislation is passed to defeat the promised cuts altogether.

Don’t get us wrong, we recognize that unemployment benefits help struggling families survive and provide a small assist for an already struggling economy, but they must be offset with appropriate spending cuts, not new taxes. And eliminating tax incentives for industries that are actually helping the economy and hiring is no solution. $17 trillion and counting!!

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More Big Government Heading Our Way

If you don’t like Washington taking your money and wasting it on projects that make no sense and entitlements that don’t solve our fundamental problems, then you will probably be thrilled with President Obama’s plans for his second term.   If you like big government taking away your rights and dictating our behavior, then the next 4 years are shaping up to be your cup of tea!

In his recent inaugural address, President Obama outlined his plans for his second term and they scare us quite frankly.  They are not new to this President, they are simply being emphasized in a way that makes him appear emboldened beyond what the election results would indicate his “mandate” actually was.

A quick reader’s guide for Obama v 2.0 is as follows:

“Investments in clean and renewable energy” – More spending!

“Strengthening our education system for today’s economy” – Where is that money coming from?

“Closing loopholes in the tax code” – Raising taxes on businesses!

“Gun control” – Big government taking away individual rights!

“Immigration reform” – If Congress won’t act, he will, as he already has shown!

“Fix Medicare” – By only lowering cost of healthcare?  We doubt it!

Clearly President Obama was serious when he said to the Russian Foreign Minister “I’ll have more flexibility in my second term.”  Mr. President, we know that you think you have the ability to push this agenda, which will only hurt the United States more.  But we are hoping that Congress and the American people see things differently!

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What Have We Learned From “The Sequester”?

It has been nearly two weeks since President and Congress failed to reach a last hour agreement on a real spending plan for the federal government triggering automatic cutbacks known as sequestration.  And what has happened?

Are criminals running wild in the streets? No! Unless you are in Chicago which is an entirely different subject altogether.

Are children out of school due to massive teacher layoffs?  Not that we can see!

Has the Pentagon been invaded or US security been overtly threatened?  Not yet!

Have senior citizens been turned away from healthcare due to cuts in Medicare?  Not a chance!

Have Social Security checks been halted?  Not that we’ve seen!

So what have we learned?  Perhaps it is time to give President Obama his due since “The Sequester” was his tactic to force Congress to approve massive tax hikes which they refused.  Instead, his losing poker play has revealed the following:

  • Washington has a massive spending problem
  • Government can and should function with less and within its means
  • There is room for tax cuts to further stimulate the economy
  • The world will not come to an end if government spends less

President Obama never envisioned that it would come to this: actually having to make due with less and it not resulting in the end of the world despite his protestations to the contrary.

So maybe some good can come from this and he can learn a valuable lesson.  But that remains to be seen and, quite frankly, we are skeptical.

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Here We Go Again

As expected, the “can” that we kicked down the road in December is fast approaching once again.  That “can,” Washington’s inability or unwillingness to control spending and taxes, wasn’t kicked very far the last time.  So here we go again!

President Obama’s recent pleas for “us to work together as Republicans and Democrats” seem to ring hollow and offer no solution to what ails our country.  He has asked that Congress work with him to iron out yet another “temporary fix” to America’s budget conundrum.  The last thing we need is another temporary fix!

Even the least sophisticated economists are fully aware that U. S. companies, both large and small, are simply sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars of capital and are unwilling to invest until a true agreement on government spending and tax policies is reached.  This is stifling our economy at a time when job creation is virtually non-existent.  We cannot afford another 90 day budget band-aid!

We at Americans for Common Sense Solutions (ACSS) have come up with a radical plan.  A plan that is so drastic that it was first envisioned by a group of revolutionary malcontents.  In 1789!

Let’s have President Obama actually submit a detailed budget which outlines his spending and tax plans going forward.  And even crazier yet, how about Harry Reid order the Senate to actually vote on the plan, something he has refused to do since 2009!

What will this do?  Allow businesses and individuals to make decisions about their own spending and investments.  Allow for real, sustained, economic growth.  Allow for our country to regain the confidence of investors and trading partners alike.

So please Mr. Obama, no more kicking the can down the road.  The country’s feet are tired!

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Obama’s Hagel Nomination Sets Tone for Second Term: Arrogance!

President Obama’s recent inaugural address stressed themes like “cooperation, “working together” and “unifying as a country.”  But one of his earliest actions, the nomination of former Senator Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense, reveals his true attitude and how he will really approach his second term – with distain for all who opposed him!

President Obama knew full well that Hagel’s track record of distain for Israel, lack of support for U.S. efforts in Iraq, failure to support tougher sanctions against Iran, and his tacit support for extremist groups in the Middle East would be polarizing. But he nominated him anyway!  Is this his way of thumbing his nose at those who opposed the proposed nomination of Susan Rice for Secretary of State?  Or was this a way to continue his long-standing anti-Israel agenda?  We think both!

To say that Hagel’s initial appearance before the Senate Armed Services Committee was bizarre would be the understatement of this young century.  Did he not know that they would actually ask questions?  Did the White House drop the ball and fail to prepare this obviously flawed nominee?  Or did they simply not care and are dead set on plowing through this awful nominee in an effort to flex their muscles by leaning on the “mandate” that they mistakenly believe the recent election gave them? We are not sure, but we have our suspicions!

Of this much we are sure:

  • Chuck Hagel, like President Obama, is no friend of Israel.
  • Iran has little to fear if Hagel is nominated.
  • The United States Military will not be stronger under Hagel’s leadership.
  • The Middle East will not be safer place with Hagel in the Pentagon.

And this is one of the first acts of President Obama’s second term.  We believe that if he gets away with this wrong-headed nomination to a vital cabinet position, his arrogance and anti-Israel policies will only escalate.

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Does Obama Have No Shame?

We recognize that politicians will do many questionable things during an election year. They will attempt to garner new support, shore up and energize their bases as well as chase the almighty campaign dollar. But 2012 has seen the most blatant, and in some cases dangerous, pandering by a sitting President!

First, President Obama took the anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death as a chance to “spike the football.” Granted, it was an important day for America, but by the time he was done, one would have the impression that it was Obama on the ground with Seal Team Six and that he, not them, was the real hero. To imply that Mitt Romney would not have given the same orders was equally disgraceful!

Then, just two days before attending a series of fundraisers in Hollywood, Obama’s “evolving position” on gay marriage finally reached where it had actually been from the beginning. The predictable result was a ton of bucks for his campaign. What a surprise!

In what was his most egregious attempt to court favor with voters, Obama’s White House has participated in a series of leaks regarding CIA operations in Pakistan, Iran and Yemen. These leaks have compromised operations, endangered agents and assets and lead to the imprisonment of a Pakistani Doctor who helped us locate Bin Laden. Disgusting and dangerous!

Recently, after failing to address the problem of illegal immigration for his entire term, Obama basically stated that he will selectively refuse to deport certain illegals. His stance was “I don’t agree with the law so I won’t enforce it”. Is our Constitution still in effect under this president? And this happened just two days before he was to address the largest conference of Hispanic groups in the nation. Blatant pandering!

It is clear that Obama and his left wing cohorts will do anything to get reelected and if they do, watch the real socialist agenda to appear! They need to be stopped.

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Obama by the Numbers

How can we best assess the first three plus years of the Obama presidency?  As with many things in politics, business and even life for that matter, it often comes down to numbers.  The key numbers in this equation are 2, 4, 8 and 16.  Simplistic?  No, accurate!

2 – 2 terms is what Obama is now asking of the American voters despite that fact that in 2009 he stated “If we don’t get this turned around quickly, this is gonna be a one term proposition.”  It has turned around but in the wrong direction.  Since taking office, President Obama has done nothing to create jobs, has helped to stifle business growth and has helped to erode the country’s standing in the world.

4 – When Obama took office, the price of a gallon of gasoline was $1.89.  For the majority of his term it has hovered near $4.00 per gallon where it remains today. This is due in large part to his EPA’s terror tactics applied to the oil industry, misguided (or corrupt) support for favored “alternative energy development” and his failure to approve the Keystone Pipeline Project which would have created hundreds of thousands of jobs and helped Americans at the gas pump!

8 – Obama inherited an unemployment rate of about 6 percent.  As of this writing it is currently above 8 percent with absolutely no signs of improving.  His misguided $1 Trillion “Stimulus” created no private sector jobs, wildly threw money at state and local governments and helped to fund such wonderful ideas as the half billion dollar loan to the now bankrupt Solyndra.  America needs real jobs, and now!

16 – Since taking office, President Obama has added nearly 45% to the country’s deficit which now stands at about $16 Trillion.  This has created fear among private sector employers, has eroded our standing in the world and has led to an historic downgrade in America’s once untarnished bond rating.  Our children and grandchildren will be paying for this for decades to come!

So please, when it comes time to choose a president in 2012, don’t base your decision on emotion or individual social issues.   Just look at the numbers, they never lie!

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Solyndranomics 101

After weeks of bad economic news and public White House stumbles, President Barack Obama decided it was time to give another speech about the economy. He laid out his sweeping vision of America’s future—in hopes of distracting us from the failed policies of the past three and a half years.

The fundamental problem is: Obama implemented his vision virtually unchecked during his first two years in the Oval Office. With the Congress of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Obama gave us the $800 billion failed stimulus, a government takeover of health care that increases costs and green energy programs that produce no energy.

You can call Obama’s vision “Solyndranomics.”

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